Digital Rights

Technology Facilitated Gender Based Violence Legislative Mapping

By Fatima Mohammad Alkhadire

The digital space provides women with opportunities for empowerment through platforms that are
often less regulated compared to traditional spaces. However, it also introduces a new dimension
of gender-based violence known as Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence (TFGBV). Despite
some recognition in the Jordanian cybercrime law, TFGBV lacks comprehensive acknowledgment in local

This research aims to bridge this gap by conducting a thorough legal mapping analysis within the context
of Jordan. It will examine existing laws such as the Jordanian Penal Law, Jordanian Cybercrimes Law,
Telecommunication Law, Anti-Human Trafficking Law, and the Protection from Domestic Violence Law.
Furthermore, international frameworks including The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination Against Women, The Commission on the Status of Women Sixty-seventh session Beijing
Declaration and Platform for Action, and The Istanbul Convention will be analysed.

Through this study, recommendations will be proposed for enhancing legal mechanisms to combat
TFGBV in Jordan. The goal is to create a more robust legal framework that effectively addresses the
challenges posed by TFGBV in the digital age, ensuring greater protection and empowerment for women
in Jordanian society.

Publication Date:

1 May 2024

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