Introducing Hacktoberfest Amman 2023, brought to you by the Jordan Open Source Association, or as we sometimes call ourselves: the Jedi Order of Software Addicts (JOSA), within the grand tapestry of Hacktoberfest global shenanigans. We're on a mission to unite the tech-savvy folks of Jordan who are itching to dive headfirst into the open-source world. And guess what? We're not just throwing code around; we're throwing in some delicious food (pizza included!), refreshing beverages, and comfy places to work – because let's face it, programming is hard work, and snacks make it all better!

At Hacktoberfest Amman 2023, you can channel your inner code superhero and contribute to any open-source project that tickles your fancy. Not sure where to start? Fear not, for we have wise mentors who will swoop you in.



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Event Details:

Hacktoberfest 2023 Amman

Saturday, October 14, 2023. Starting at 5:00 PM

Place: JOSA, King Hussein Business Park (Map)

Event Link/Registration: 



Are you an owner of an Open Source project? Or you just have an open source project you like/you have experience with?

If you've got a project that's thirsting for fresh talent, let us know by filling this form. We'll be your matchmaker and introduce you to aspiring developers who can't wait to join your coding adventure. Plus, you get to bask in the glory of being a wise mentor at our event – kind of like Yoda, but with more caffeine.

If you are already contributing to a project that you like, you can suggest it to others by mentioning your project on the form here, and gracing us with your presence at the event to share your Jedi wisdom. Remember, with great code comes great responsibility!


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Are you a beginner and this would be your first time to contribute?

We invite everyone to participate and contribute, which is why we have organized a brief workshop tailored for newcomers and beginners. So, come aboard some Git wisdom!  We've cooked up a newbie-friendly workshop to ease you into open source. Perfect if:

  • You're a rookie keen to dive into contributions.
  • You lack prior experience with Git or open source contributions.
  • You've dabbled in Git but need a "Git-tastic" tune-up before our contribution fiesta!


More info and registration here: