The Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) denounces the targeting of multiple officials, activists, journalists and lawyers in Jordan through the «Pegasus» spyware -developed by the Israeli company NSO- and other hacking tools. JOSA expresses full solidarity with the targeted individuals and demands protection for those and for all Jordanians against such  attacks.

JOSA also emphasizes the importance of preserving the privacy of all citizens and their protection from any cyber-attack, as well as any infringement on their personal freedoms in any shape or form, whether through spying, wiretapping or monitoring of communication and mobile devices. Additionally, JOSA reaffirms the right to privacy; a right enshrined int the Jordanian Constitution and in other international charters. JOSA demands that none of the calls or the mobile devices must be monitored without the proper judicial warrant and only with the complete respect for human rights, plus the guarantee that such monitoring must be legal, necessary and limited in scope according to the reason that calls for it.

The concerned authorities must conduct a thorough and transparent investigation in any case that involves the targeting of Jordanians by advanced spyware and to reveal the culprit(s) behind such acts and their goals and the type of data that was stolen. It is the duty of the government to maintain the cyber security of the kingdom and its citizens.

JOSA calls on individuals that are at risk of getting spied on to routinely update their operating systems and to seek technical support on a local and an international level if they notice any unusual activities or suspicious behavior on their devices, this serves to document any breaches and make it easier to counter them. Individuals may contact JOSA through our hotline to ask for help and guidance on: