Hey there, fellow mappers! If you're obsessed with maps and love exploring uncharted territories, we invite you to join our Open Street Map team. We need your brilliant ideas for mapathons and any quirky map-related activities you can dream up. Let's turn cartography into a hilarious adventure together!

Calling all you map aficionados, or as we fondly like to call ourselves, "mappers"! If you've ever stared at a map and thought, "I wonder if I could improve this?" – well, you're our kind of cartographer!

We're rolling out the welcome mat and inviting you to join our Open Street Map channel. We're in desperate need of your geographic genius and can't wait to see the places your imagination will take us. Got any grand ideas for a “mapathon”? Or perhaps some offbeat activities that involve deciphering the intricacies of map legends? Share your quirky cartographic creativity with us, and let's put the "fun" back in "fundamental cartography!"