Saturday - 10 September

JOSA Workshop | Controlling the Browser with Puppeteer


In this JOSA Workshop, we will learn how to control and automate the browser using headless Chrome and Puppeteer.

Puppeteer is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol. Most things that you can do manually in the browser can be done using Puppeteer! Here are a few use cases.

  • Generate screenshots and PDFs of pages.
  • Crawl a SPA (Single-Page Application) and generate pre-rendered content (i.e. "SSR" (Server-Side Rendering)).
  • Automate form submission, UI testing, keyboard input, etc.


Ammar Halees
Senior Software Engineer at Seera


Previous Knowledge Required:

  • Terminal Use.
  • Basic Programming Knowledge.
  • Mid - Advanced computer literacy.


Required software to be installed before workshop:

  1. NodeJS v16.16.0
  2. npm
  3. Puppeteer
  4. Google Chrome (or Chromium)



This workshop is free of charge, but seats are limited.


Ammar Halees

Senior Software Engineer, Seera Group


Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Excellence (HTU Core)

Bldg. #20, King Hussein Business Park