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Data Scientist


JOSA is looking for Data Scientists who can help in developing a new open source project by JOSA based on machine learning (ML). The ML model to be built should be able to classify Arabic social media content based on a number of classes pertaining to online hate speech. The model and code of this project will be publicly released as open source.

This call targets project-based contractors / freelancers.



The Data Scientist(s) will provide support and cooperate with JOSA’s tech team in designing, developing and deploying the classifier. Specifically, these tasks are defined for this role:

  • Provide guidance in the data annotation processes handled by JOSA’s research team and external parties, in addition to processes related to tracking progress and data quality.
  • Develop the ML model, including, model validation, building a baseline model, and the selection of a BERT-based model to be used in training.
  • Monitor and evaluate the model training.
  • Provide microservices and APIs to serve the model and provide feedback. Such service should also provide APIs for batch and single classification tasks.
  • Regularly update the model based on feedback collected.
  • Knowledge management and transfer: Develop training materials, contribution guides and documentation related to the project. Conduct training sessions for other developers, data scientists and users.



  • Experience in building and deploying ML models in production.
  • Experience in NLP projects, preferably in Arabic.
  • Knowledge of transformer architecture and BERT-based models.
  • Programming experience in building microservices.
  • Knowledge in designing and managing databases.


How to apply

To apply, please send an email to jobs [at] josa <dot> ngo with the subject 'Data Scientist - Contractor', in the email, please include:

  • A resume/CV with a reference of previous related works.
  • A statement confirming you have read and understand the privacy policy for JOSA.
  • Optionally, if referred by a current JOSA employee or member, please tell us who.

All JOSA's contractors are asked to abide to our Code of Conduct.

Publish Date

Saturday, 20 August 2022


Amman, Jordan or Remote.


Consultants and Individual Contractors